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If you want to earn money while working on your terms, this is your chance. You can start your own business and make 30% commission on every sale.

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Earn 30 % commission on every sale.



    The goal of our starter product is to give you a taste of what we have to offer.


    $ 9 / month

    Affiliate Commission




    For people who want to become serious with their monitoring, the Standard Edition is the perfect choice.


    $ 27 / month

    Affiliate Commission




    The premium edition is suitable for both heavily experienced and professional users and businesses.


    $ 89 / month

    Affiliate Commission


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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

We look forward to welcoming you to our partner program, but with certain rules that must be adhered to.


Please note the following:


All links and visitor sources are tracked. Any who violates these rules will be immediately excluded from the affiliate program for life, and they will not receive any commissions.

1. No spam emails


2. No advertising on unethical platforms


3. No mass postings on social platforms (e.g. Facebook or Instagram)


4. No false testimonials


5. No false advertising promises


6. No viral mailers


7. No purchases via your own affiliate link


8. No branding or appearance as Pinghut (Pinghut Partner, Pinghut Affiliate are allowed, but clear labelling is necessary)


9. No Google Ads on our brand or product name (Pinghut)


10. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & TikTok Ads are allowed.